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Get rid of pimples and dark spots with watercress mask - Care Beauty

Get rid of pimples and dark spots with watercress mask

Today, dear ones, we present to you a mask that is very useful for the skin, from watercress, watercress plant, works to purify the skin from impurities, works to soften the skin, remove grains and their effects, and remove dark spots from them, and now I leave you with the method of preparing this mask ..


Watercress face mask ingredients:


A cup of watercress juice, prepared as follows:


(Put in the electric blender half a bunch of watercress washed well with cold water + a cup of rose water and mix the ingredients


together until you have a liquid mixture, then bring a deep plate and put a clean cloth inside it and pour the mixture of


Through it, then close the cloth and squeeze what is inside with your hand to get the watercress juice extract only, and take the specified amount of juice and keep the rest inside a clean bottle in the refrigerator for one week only).





– One tablespoon of natural bee honey.


– A tablespoon of oats.


– Half a tablespoon of cornstarch.


How to apply watercress face mask:


In a clean bowl, mix a cup of watercress juice with honey, oats and starch well until you have a somewhat soft dough.


Wash your skin with warm water and soap and dry it well.


– Put the watercress mask on your face for half an hour, then remove it using cold water, and then dry your skin well.


Apply watercress face mask three times a week to get the impressive results and tell us how your skin looks after that.