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Get rid of dull skin and signs of fatigue with ice lotion - Care Beauty

Get rid of dull skin and signs of fatigue with ice lotion

If you suffer from pallor of the skin, and fatigue resulting from many reasons, including lack of sleep and psychological stress, and these reasons are many and varied, then do not worry, we in the Arab Woman magazine, we have brought you a refreshing lotion that helps to get rid of the pallor and yellowness of the face and the fatigue that afflicts it.. Ingredients:


An appropriate amount of ice cubes.


An appropriate amount of moisturizing cream (whatever cream you are using).




Put ice cubes in a bowl and leave them to melt.





Put a quantity of moisturizing cream on your skin to avoid direct contact of cold water with your skin.


After you notice that the snow has started to melt, start by immersing your face in the bowl for several times.


After finishing, dry your face with a soft towel to remove traces of the moisturizing cream.


Repeat this process daily and enjoy tight skin free of pallor and there are no signs of fatigue and exhaustion..