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Get rid of cracked heels using honey and vinegar - Care Beauty

Get rid of cracked heels using honey and vinegar

Many women, especially the problem of cracked heels, often crack the heels as a result of many factors and thus cause some embarrassment and often annoyance, so in this article you will find an easy home recipe to soften the skin of the heels and get rid of the cracks.


Mixing ingredients:


1. Grind a cup of rice well until it turns into a powder in one of the deep pots.


2. Add to the rice a spoonful of honey and slowly add the vinegar until you get a thick and cohesive paste. Add vinegar using a spoon until its addition is under control


Putting the components on the heels:


1. Washing and exfoliating the heels: Try soaking your feet in lukewarm water for 15 minutes, then use a stone or foot file to remove dead cells, but gently so as not to injure your heels or form infections.


2. Apply the mixture you made in the previous step on the heels


3. Leave the mixture on the heels for a period of no less than 20 minutes, during which time you should massage the heels so that the mixture permeates through the skin and get the optimum benefit.


4. Then wash your heels and dry them gently and repeat the above twice a week