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Genius tricks to change the size and shape of the lips

Ladies, we present to you the most clever tricks to change the size and shape of the lips, which we present to you from cosmetic experts. Follow them:


1- Treatment of chapped lips:


If you were surprised by severe dryness in your lips that led to cracking, you should try the following trick to treat it before applying lipstick, after washing your face well and moisturizing it, apply cocoa butter and leave it on your lips, finish your makeup completely, style your hair and your usual routine, then at the end apply lipstick, in this way Your lips are an opportunity to moisturize.


2- To get fuller lips:


You can give your lips more fullness and roundness by applying a neutral pen that is very close to the color of the lips, then apply a bright neutral color lipstick, then apply the gloss in the middle of the upper lips.





3- To reduce the size of the large lips:


Define the lips with a dark pencil so that the selection is inside the lip line and not outside, and with the same color, apply a matte lipstick so that it does not go outside the lip line as well.


4- Getting rid of dead skin:


Dry skin leads to the deposition of parts of dead skin on its surface, and this happens with your lips as well, especially in the summer and hot times, as heat destroys the moisture of the skin, so you should exfoliate your lips, using cocoa butter and lip balms is obligatory after that.


5- Lipstick coming out around your lips:


The best solution for many to prevent the lipstick from leaking outside the lip line is to use the lipliner, but there is another solution for those who do not want to use the lipliner, which is to use concealer or concealer on the lips before applying the lipstick, as it helps to fix the color and prevents it from coming out.


6- Beautiful lips all day:


You can simply keep a lip balm to put a little of it so that your lips look healthy and attractive even without lipstick.

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