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General information about dental health - Care Beauty

General information about dental health


Teeth are among the blessings that God Almighty bestowed upon man, as they give him an attractive appearance, and are the reason behind a bright and beautiful smile, in addition to their pivotal role in chewing food to facilitate its digestion, absorption and benefit from it. Its color is from person to person and from age to another, some of them are white and others yellow, and a person must preserve them because they are exposed to damage and ruin in a way that distorts their appearance and causes pain, and in this article we will mention some general information about dental health, methods of preservation and some of their problems.

Dental problems

Teeth are exposed to many problems that cause distress and sometimes unbearable pain. Every person is exposed to these problems, especially when practicing some wrong behaviors regarding them, and the most prominent of these problems:

• Receding gums, which is due to aging, so the roots of his teeth are exposed and affected by hot and cold drinks and foods.

• Tooth decay, which results from the remains of foods that are oxidized inside the teeth.

• Inflammation and bleeding of the gums, usually caused by a person’s negligence of the cleanliness of their mouth, and in the form of redness in the gums associated with mild pain that can be tolerated, in addition to causing bad smell to the mouth, swelling and bleeding.

• Mouth ulcers and infections, which are those white spots that spread in the mouth, and are due to excessive consumption of foods that contain large amounts of sugar.

Symptoms of dental problems

• Feeling a headache and an earache, especially when suffering from a wisdom tooth or nerve problems.

• The inability to sleep, as the patient with dental diseases is deprived of a continuous quiet sleep.

• Exiting unpleasant odors in the mouth caused by dental problems.

Tips for maintaining healthy teeth

• Brushing the teeth daily in the morning and evening and after eating every meal to get rid of the residues that cause cavities.

• Seeing the dentist when feeling any pain, even if it is minor.

• Chewing onions or garlic for a few minutes kills all the microbes that cause infections in the mouth.

• Drinking orange juice rich in vitamin C, which prevents bleeding gums.

• Using toothpicks regularly, as it gets rid of gum infections and prevents the accumulation of bacteria.

• The use of banana and strawberry peels to obtain a natural whitening of the teeth in the event that the teeth are yellow.

• Gargle with sterile medical solutions available in pharmacies, after consulting the pharmacist and doctor, or gargle with water, salt or vinegar.

• Do not break or pull out anything solid using the teeth.