Garlic and lentils from it .. A Turkish doctor provides 16 foods to prevent influenza and Corona


In the light of the new coronavirus epidemic, as autumn enters into the cold winter, flu and flu infections abound, hence the role of healthy foods in strengthening the body’s immunity and resistance to these diseases.

Turkish doctor Mukhtar Fatih bidli presented “Anatolia” with a range of suitable healthy foods that contribute to strengthening the body’s resistance, protecting it from influenza viruses, and coronavirus.

“As a result of the weather fluctuations between the seasons, the chances of some diseases, especially influenza and corona, increase,” said Dr. Pedley, a pediatric specialist at Medical Park Hospital in Izmir.

“There are a range of foods that help promote immune system health and resistance to various diseases, as caring for the immune system and being careful to strengthen it against diseases is very important for a speedy recovery from the disease,”he added.

“The best advice available at the moment is a healthy, balanced diet rich in fiber, which supports lung function in recovering from the negative effects of Corona and the flu,”he continued.

We emphasize that this information is for general guidance, and is not a cure for corona or a substitute for Corona prevention measures, such as adhering to personal hygiene standards, wearing gags, washing hands with soap and water well, and maintaining social distancing. If you suspect you have Korea we consult a doctor immediately.

And the Turkish doctor counted a set of suitable foods as follows:

1. Fish and seafood, foods rich in vitamin D such as egg yolks, fortified cereals and red and white meat.

2-legumes and most importantly lentils.


3. green tea: green tea has high levels of antioxidants that contribute to strengthening the immune system, in addition to its antibacterial and antiviral effect.

4-garlic: increases the body’s immunity against various diseases and contains sulfur compounds, such as Allicin, which stimulates white blood cells and other immune cells, garlic is also useful in respiratory diseases, relieves the symptoms associated with the flu, and prefers to eat raw garlic.

5 – kefir (Kefir): a derivative of milk, fermented taste, refreshing, slightly, reduces colds and the severity of their symptoms.

6. guava: this tropical fruit contains vitamin C (C), vitamin A (A), lycopene, fiber, and vitamin K (K).

7. spinach: not only is it rich in vitamin C, it is full of many antioxidants and”beta-carotene”, which increases the ability of our body’s immune systems to fight infection with viruses, as well as other leafy vegetables, and asparagus plant.

8-yogurt, dairy products and cheeses: help regulate and strengthen the immune system, it also relieves throat pain during the flu, preferably fat-free yogurt.

9. ginger: multi-benefit, it is also a very healthy spice, strengthens the body’s immunity against various diseases. Since ancient times ginger has been found to play a role in the treatment of many diseases, especially those affecting the respiratory system, and contains some compounds that may help reduce colds, relieve some of their symptoms such as heat, pain, cough, helps reduce inflammation, such as sore throat, also works to reduce nausea, helps to feel warm, and to sweat, and reduces transmission of infection. Fresh ginger should be eaten through juice or as a spice.

9 – broccoli: recommended to take it during the flu and other viral diseases where the guaranteed speed of healing, because it contains nutrients and vitamins important for healthy immune system and Prevention of diseases.

10-oatmeal: it is an ideal choice for people suffering from the flu, and you should choose unprocessed oatmeal, without adding sugars, as it contains a large proportion of vitamin E as well as antioxidants and beta glucan fiber, all important elements of immunity.

11-elderberry (Commiphora): a fruit that helps protect healthy cells from damage and strengthens immunity, as this vibrant fruit is full of antioxidants.

12 – The Cranberries: recommend adding it to the diet, because it helps not to repeat infections, and colds.

13-soup: chicken soup is one of the best foods that help treat the flu, because it calms the throat and relieves inflammation, and also prevents dehydration, and can eat meat soup or vegetable soup containing celery and carrots, preferably not adding large amounts of salt to the soup.

15. turmeric: contains anti-inflammatory, and therefore has a powerful effect in fighting diseases and strengthening the immune system.

16 – almonds and nuts: they are rich in vitamins, and also contain healthy fats needed for humans.

“Plenty of water and warm fluids should be added, and the body’s health should be enhanced by constantly hydrating with water and warm herbal drinks that treat the flu such as anise, chamomile, tea with lemon and fresh, sugar-free juices,”said bedley.