G5 massage benefits and uses


G5 massage is a type of massage that looks like a high-intensity lymphatic massage that works to break down fat deposits and cellulite. A mechanical massager is used to perform this massage, which is much more effective than a classic massage performed by a therapist by hand.

Massage heads used in G5 massage, where various massage techniques are applied using vibration, are very effective in improving blood circulation and increasing skin elasticity. It also helps to clean the skin by creating smoothness on the surface of the skin.

G5 Massage; back and shoulder areas, especially belly, hip and thigh areas are used. This massage, which is also preferred for cellulite treatment, is ideal for those who want to achieve a smoother skin appearance. So, what does G5 massage do? In what areas is it used? Can an effective and lasting result be achieved? The answer to the curious questions about G5 massage in the continuation of the article…

Vibrational therapy and its use in healthcare

The use of vibrational therapies in health services has a long history. In fact, after the arrival of Osteopathic Medicine in Europe, it began to be used in wider areas.

A hand massage goes back to much older times. Looking at China, it is important to note that manual massage techniques.It appears to have gone back to 168 BC. The massages that include the devices are somewhat more recent. Today, vibrational therapies used as physical therapy are reaching an increasingly popular use both in the fields of sports training and as physical therapy.

The G5 massage, which has been used since the 1970s, is performed with the G5 massager, which was first invented in France. This massage has an area of use that has spread all over the world since then. In particular, it is often used by therapists.

Device Support For Soft Tissue Treatment

Device-assisted massage, used for injuries to soft tissues, gained popularity especially in the 2000s. The reason why this massage is becoming increasingly popular is that it is superior and effective compared to manual massage techniques.

In the application of a device-assisted massage in the treatment of soft tissue; weakened tissues are identified, then a strong friction is provided to the area with the help of a device. It has also been seen that G5 massage, which has gained popularity in physical therapy and rehabilitation centers, can help ligaments heal faster in soft tissue injuries.

What Are The Benefits Of G5 Massage?

Devices used for G5 massage have been used in both health and beauty and fitness applications since the 1970s. In general, the benefits of this massage, which is more effective than manual massage techniques, are as follows:

* Improves overall circulation and blood circulation of lymphatic fluids

* Overall body fatigue is reduced

* Soft tissue injuries heal faster

During G5 massage, which is known to be more effective than traditional massage techniques, a deep massage is performed on the body. This, in turn, reduces the treatment process. G5 massage is the most effective and functional massage therapy today.

Cellulite treatment with G5 massage

G5 massage can also be used to improve skin top-up, break down fat and contribute to weight loss. This massage technique is also shown as one of the most effective methods of treating cellulite, which is shown as a pain in the ass for women. Women with cellulite problem:

* Reduce cellulite and fat deposits in the area

* Improve skin texture and appearance

* G5 massage can be preferred to accelerate blood circulation.

This massage, which increases blood circulation and lymphatic flow in the body, breaks down stubborn fat and eliminates the appearance of cellulite. It also contributes to the production of collagen and elastin. All these benefits can help to treat cellulite. 

G5 massage and lymphatic system 

G5 massage has been used in the field of Health and beauty for many years. One of its benefits is to increase lymphatic flow. Combined with an accurate weight loss program, it is also possible to see faster and longer-term effects.

* Removes toxins

* Creates detox effect

* Accelerates blood circulation

* Accelerates lymphatic drainage

Since it is a non-surgical, incision-free, painless and painless treatment option, there is no recovery time after G5 massage. A person can immediately return to their daily activities after a massage. In addition, since no incision or recovery time is needed, it is considered safer than many treatment options. It is also lower in cost.

Body contouring with G5 massage

G5 massage is not a stand-alone treatment option for losing weight. However, it is a good option to treat cellulite, accelerate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, get rid of toxins and detox.

However, it should be noted that alone it will not be enough. Combined with a balanced nutrition program and a regular exercise program, G5 massage can show very effective results.


G5 massage has been practiced by massage therapists in the fields of Health, Beauty, fitness and aesthetics for many years. Combined with traditional massage methods applied by hand, more effective results are achieved. In general, G5 massage can be used to reduce cellulite, improve skin top-up and accelerate blood circulation. Since a surgical procedure does not require an incision or injection, no pain or pain is felt after the procedure. Also, there is no recovery time and it is lower cost than surgical procedures. Internationally, G5 massage is used by Home Health, anti-aging treatments, spa salons and sports physicians.

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