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Fruit acid peeling uses and is it suitable for different skin types?

The uses of fruit acid peels are multiple for the skin of all types, and these acids are considered one of the most acids that are used to exfoliate the skin. The skin, in addition to the exfoliation with fruit acids is one of the safest exfoliating products that you can radiate on your skin, because it does not cause any skin problems such as peels that cause many problems for the skin such as redness, inflammation or itching, so you will learn about All the information you need about an acid scrub is in this article.


Fruit acid scrub uses


Many girls use fruit acid scrubs for many different uses, including:


At first, fruit acids are used on the skin, in addition to being completely safe on the skin, as it is extracted from some natural materials that gently exfoliate the skin. You should also be careful when using fruit acids on the skin because there are many problems that can cause This is why you should be careful when using it. Also, fruit acids are used to exfoliate the body and sensitive areas of the body, in addition to the elbows and knees as well, as it works to rid you of the dead cells on the skin and leave it completely clean. And so that you can succeed in the scrub and obtain the many benefits for your skin, Choose the scrub on a small place of the skin first, such as the chin, for example, apply the scrub on this place and wait for 15 minutes, if your skin does not feel or becomes irritated, use it normally. This is because it will cause a lot of problems to your skin.Fruit acid peel concentrations


Many girls may be wondering about the best concentrations of fruit scrubs that can be used, so you can learn how to use the correct fruit acid scrubs on the skin and body, so here are the concentrations:


Doctors usually recommend using a fruit acid peel with a concentration of 10% if you use it at home, while the doctor in various beauty clinics applies a fruit acid peel with a concentration of at least 50 to 70 percent. Doctors have also advised that the concentration varies according to the type Your skin, for example, if your skin is sensitive, apply a 10% fruit acid peeling only, so as not to expose your skin to inflammation, sensitivity or redness. While if your skin is completely normal, use a 20% concentration of fruit acid peeling on your skin weekly. In addition. The doctors also noted that the concentration varies according to the place where the scrub is applied, for example, if you want to apply the scrub on your face and neck with sensitive areas in the gym, you should apply a fruit acid scrub, which amounts to only 10%, and Doctors recommend applying sunscreen after peeling. Then, if you want to apply a fruit acid peel to the knees, elbows and rough areas of the body, you can apply a fruit acid peel with a concentration of up to 20% so that you can get satisfactory results. for you.



Benefits of a fruit acid scrub


Fruit acids have many benefits for the skin, which you will learn about in this paragraph, after you learned the uses of a fruit acid scrub. So here are the benefits:


The fruit acid scrub works to unify the skin tone, and this is because the scrub helps to rid you of the layers of dead skin on the skin, in addition to penetrating the layers of the skin and getting rid of the pigmentation in it. It also works to remove acne spots and traces, because the scrub rids you of all Treatments and effects made by youth pills, leaving the skin clear and free of any spots or traces. In addition, the continuous peeling once or twice a week increases the freshness of the skin. The fruit acid peel works to tighten the skin through continuous peeling and the elimination of signs of wrinkles. And fine lines of the skin and delaying their appearance on the skin as well, by stimulating blood circulation in the face. And since the peeling of fruit acids is made of vitamins and natural acids of fruits, it works to provide the skin with the food it needs so that it can protect it from harmful environmental factors such as dust and sunlight from Through the acids of vitamins A, E, and C9. Thus, the scrub works to repair the skin cells that may have been damaged and restore its elasticity again and increase the smoothness of the skin so that it resembles the texture of children’s skin. Fruits for sensitive area


Many girls may wonder how to use a fruit acid peel for the sensitive area, and this use is one of the uses of a fruit acid peel, so here’s how to use:


In the beginning, before you buy the scrub, you must first choose the appropriate concentration for sensitive areas, as we mentioned to you in the previous paragraphs, because using the wrong concentration will expose your skin to many different problems. Therefore, test a small amount of acid on a specific area, to make sure that it It will not cause any damage to your skin, then you can apply the cream to the skin for two or three minutes, no more. Then wipe the scrub off the skin by making some different circular movements, so that you can get the results you want to get. Then make sure that you have removed the scrub from the skin completely so as not to cause inflammation or burns to the skin.


Benefits of a fruit acid scrub


There are some damages that your skin can be exposed to as a result of using a fruit acid peel with the wrong concentration or excessive use of the peel, after you learned about the uses of a fruit acid peel, then here are the damages:


The scrub may cause some signs and symptoms that indicate that you need to visit a doctor, including skin irritation, and then if you notice that your skin has become irritated after using the scrub, you should stop using it immediately. In addition, the scrub may cause some swelling on the skin, Also, if you stop using the scrub for a long time, the skin will become as dull as it was before using the scrub. Also, if you have sensitive skin, the scrub can cause irritation to your skin, in addition, if you are exposed to the sun after the exfoliating session, you will cause Burns to your skin.


In the end, the uses of fruit acid scrub are multiple and cannot be limited to one article, and it is also important before using the scrub to talk to your specialist doctor so that he advises you about the concentration that you should use in addition to the number of times to use, and if you have any questions about the scrub of fruit acids, national Leave it to us in the comment box.

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