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For your beauty, make glycerin and rose water a friend of your skin

Madam, your house is full of wonderful materials for your skin, and today I will introduce you to the benefits of glycerin and rose water by making your skin healthy, fresh and radiant with life.


It is used in all cosmetics and skin preparations

It gives the skin the necessary hydration without making it look oily


Rose water:




Rose water helps improve the appearance of the skin, reduce skin irritation and remove eczema. In addition, it softens the skin.

When you feel tired, wash your face with rose water, as it will give you a feeling of relaxation and comfort


Rose water and glycerin mask:

This mask is used to nourish the skin and is used after washing your skin

Just mix rose water with glycerin and apply it to your skin any time you feel dry, this mask will make your skin healthy and fresh.

This mask also reduces the formation of wrinkles and delays the aging of your skin by adding sandalwood powder to glycerin and rose water and applying the mask to your skin and neck

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