Hair is the crown of a woman’s beauty and every woman is keen to take care of her hair in all possible ways. Watercress and watercress oil are among the most important materials widely used in products for hair health and increase its growth and density, as watercress  contains a high percentage of vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin A. And other elements that effectively help in increasing the smoothness, density and health of the hair, so we will, through this article, show how the watercress mask works for long and healthy hair, as the watercress mask provides the scalp with the nutrition it needs, which has an impact on the health of the hair, so follow with us  how the watercress mask works hair and how to use it


First: the components of the method of making a watercress mask for long and healthy hair

A bundle of watercress olive oil juice of half a lemon – cold water

Second: The steps of how to make a watercress mask for long and healthy hair

– Wash the watercress and clean it well, then put it in the blender and put a little olive oil, lemon juice and water and mix them well so that you have a watercress mask ready



– Now, apply the mask on your head and massage it into your scalp well and in a circular motion until the mask spreads over your entire scalp, thus nourishing the scalp and removing damaged, dead cells and dandruff , allowing hair to grow naturally.

Cover your hair and leave the mask on your hair for 3 full hours, and after the three hours have passed, remove the cap from your head and wash your hair with warm water until you get rid of the remnants of the mask stuck in your hair.



Repeat the watercress mask on your hair and scalp once a week continuously until you get the positive result.

One of the most important features of the watercress mask, in addition to the many elements and health benefits it contains, is that all its components are natural ingredients that benefit the hair and protect it from damage resulting from the use of hair products that contain chemicals that harm the hair and its health in the long run, so be sure to try a mask watercress for your hair so that you can have long thick and healthy hair that grows naturally and increases your beauty and confidence and enjoy the beauty of your hair