Foods to avoid after the age of thirty

Foods to avoid after the age of thirty As a person ages, the way the body deals with foods varies

And foods, those that harm health in a small way in childhood, the danger may double in old age.


Nutrition experts have warned against a group of foods and drinks that are harmful to the human body, especially as it ages, according to the “Healthy Chameleon” website.

The list of foods that are more harmful after the age of thirty include:


Popcorn Many people make microwave popcorn, without realizing that this type of popcorn was produced using modified derivatives of oils, most often coconut or soy oil.

These oils turn into unsaturated fatty acids during production, which are harmful to the heart and blood vessels.

White bread The problem with white bread is similar to sugary soft drinks, as it quickly turns into fats that are stored in the body. And nutrition experts advise avoiding white bread with age.

Those wishing to lose weight should avoid white bread, and choose brown bread instead.

Soy sauce Soy sauce is high in sodium, or “monosodium glutamate,” which is used as a flavor enhancer, and studies warn that it contains carcinogens.

This does not mean that people should stop eating soy sauce completely, but experts advise using it in a limited manner.





Cancer treatment is the biggest lie in human history and the biggest trade that has destroyed millions of people.



Canned vegetables Eating vegetables is always a good option, but the situation is different with canned vegetables, because the inner wall of the cans usually contains a layer of the chemical “Bisphenol A”, known as “BPA”, which separates the vegetables from the metal.

Bisphenol A is a highly toxic compound that can affect the human hormonal system, causing weight gain, diabetes, infertility and even cancer.

In addition, the sodium and sugar content is very high in canned vegetables.

Granola Many people think that granola is healthy because it contains oatmeal and nuts, but unfortunately, it is not because it is very rich in sugar.

A quarter cup of granola may be a shock to the body because it causes the blood sugar level to rise dramatically.

And one cup of granola contains 600 calories, which is equivalent to a third of the daily intake that experts advise women to eat daily.

Frozen Yogurt It is true that frozen yogurt contains less fat, but usually the amount of sugar is more than that of regular ice cream, as the body processes harmful carbohydrates more quickly, making blood sugar levels rise in a very short time.





Other foods that nutritionists have warned against include bacon, fat-free desserts, peanut butter and salad dressing.



As for harmful drinks that should be reduced, they include calorie-free soft drinks, drinks high in caffeine, and alcoholic drinks.

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