Foods that support the immune system against the Corona virus

Professor at the Federal Medical Biological Agency in Russia, food specialist Margarita Koroleva, announced that animal fats, such as lard and ghee, help support the immune system.
Speaking to the “Moscow” news agency, the expert recommended adding animal fats in the morning meal to support the body in an alkaline environment that reduces the activity of viruses and bacteria.
She said, “Respiration is one of the main functions of animal fats in the body. The alveolar system of lung tissue is lined with surfactant, which is based on more than 90% saturated fat. The quality of the surfactant determines the ventilation of the lungs and the inaccurate exchange of gases and oxygen in the body.” The lipid covering in each cell, the cell membrane, which also contains saturated fat, will support cellular immunity, preventing the virus from multiplying and spreading rapidly.
She also indicated that animal fats are a source of vitamin A, which stimulates the production of cells that kill harmful bacteria and viruses, and vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties.
The “Omicron” mutant of the Coronavirus, or scientifically called B.1.1.529, was discovered in Botswana and South Africa last November. Experts believe that this mutated can infect the recovered and the vaccinated. The new mutation has been found in 110 countries, including Russia. This strain is spreading faster than the previous “Delta” strain, and is becoming dominant in the world.

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