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Foods that destroy skin cells ... Beware! - Care Beauty

Foods that destroy skin cells … Beware!


The diet affects the health of the body by resisting diseases, preserving the skin, and relieving the severity of health conditions, as everything you eat automatically reflects on your health and appears through many symptoms, including: activity or fatigue, rest or tension. From here, nutrition plays an important role in maintaining the health and freshness of the skin. So, nutritionist Nourhan Nasir presented a set of foods that should be included in your diet

Fatty fish, such as salmon, is rich in omega-3, which is considered one of the essential elements for the freshness of the skin.

Avocado: Rich in healthy fats, which are essential for the health and elasticity of the skin, in addition to containing compounds that protect the skin from sun damage and that accelerate the process of skin aging.

Vitamin C: The main sources of this vitamin are citrus fruits, capsicum, and broccoli, as it stimulates the production of collagen essential for healthy and youthful skin.

Dark green vegetables: Similar to spinach, mallow, and chard because they are one of the most important sources of antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E, in addition to their iron content.

Tomatoes: Contains lycopene, an anti-oxidant that protects the skin from UV rays that accelerate the appearance of wrinkles.

Water: Dehydration of the body and not getting enough water during the day is one of the factors that accelerate the appearance of wrinkles, so we recommend drinking approximately 8 cups of water daily.

What are the foods that destroy skin cells?

Although the list of foods that are beneficial for skin health is long, there are many foods that negatively affect the skin and accelerate the appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, you should stay away from it as much as possible, including:


Processed foods (such as processed meats)

Fried foods and trans fats

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– Soft drinks

– Alcohol

Advice: Obtaining a healthy and healthy skin is not limited to external interest or the use of creams and sunscreens, but foods have a great influence on it.

In the end, adopting a healthy lifestyle is essential and necessary to obtain the desired results on the level of the skin, and in addition to diet, exercise, sleep enough and drink adequate amounts of water should not be neglected.