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Foods that cause hair loss


Many women suffer from the problem of hair loss, and there are some foods that we eat that are the reason behind this hair loss without knowing it, and for this we will explain to you the foods that cause hair loss.

List of foods that cause hair loss: Salt causes hair loss

Salt contains a large percentage of sodium chloride, and sodium chloride works to prevent hair growth, and the problem of wrinkles and dehydration, so you must stop eating foods that contain a large percentage of sodium chloride, and reduce the salt to protect hair from the problem of falling, wrinkles.

Sugar and hair loss

It is said that sugar and salt are white toxins, and this expression is said about them because of the many damages that result when excessive use of salt or sugar, sugar absorbs protein from the body. Consequently, this leads to a deficiency of vitamin E, which is the vitamin responsible for hair and nail growth, so you should stop consuming sugars in moderate quantities to protect hair from falling out.

Starches and hair loss

There are some types of starches like wheat flour, and rice works to cause hair loss when you eat them too much.

Soft drinks lead to hair loss

Drinking carbonated water frequently in the summer as a result of feeling thirsty, and a lot of drinking these soft drinks leads to hair damage and hair loss, because soft drinks contain some chemicals, and artificial colors that affect the hair, so you must stop drinking soft drinks and replace them with natural juices.

Prepared foods and hair loss

Prepared foods are often saturated with a quantity of saturated fats, sugars, and salts, and all of these elements cause great damage to the hair and lead to hair loss and exposing it to damage and split ends.

Alcohol, smoking and hair loss

Alcohol and smoking increase toxins in the entire body, and these toxins affect the hair and make it fall and cause it to be damaged and split, because smoking works to prevent blood circulation from its normal function, which works to impede the blood supply to the hair follicles, which leads to their loss.

Foods that treat hair loss

1- Walnuts are one of the best foods to treat hair loss because they contain omega-3.

2- Salmon is one of the foods that treat hair loss because it contains a large amount of fats in addition to the omega-3 it contains.

3- Sea shellfish is one of the foods that contain a large amount of zinc and protein, which works to prevent hair loss.

4- Potatoes are one of the foods that work to supply the body with an adequate amount of fat that helps it moisturize the hair and prevent its loss.

5- Eggs contain a wide range of nutrients such as protein, zinc, iron, and calcium, and all of these elements work to strengthen and moisturize hair, which works to prevent hair loss.

6- Chicken is one of the foods that contain an amount of protein and iron, and these elements work to prevent hair loss and strengthen hair follicles.

7- Berries contain an excellent amount of vitamin C, and anti-oxidants that work to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss.

8- Spinach is one of the foods that contain an amount of iron, which is why it strengthens the hair and prevents its loss.

9- Lentils prevent hair loss due to the protein they contain.

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