Food and hormones prevent hair loss

When a woman’s hair falls out, she panics and rushes to the dermatologist to complain about this terrifying phenomenon and express her fear of becoming bald.

It is known that men suffer from baldness more than women, and hair loss in men can begin at the age of twenty. As for hair loss in women, it occurs noticeably when they are on the threshold of menopause or during this period of time in their lives, but the condition in general does not reach the point of infection. Completely bald.

Experts say: Hair growth goes through three stages:

A- The stage of stability and stabilization, the stage of growth, then the stage of shrinkage (or regressive change) due to aging. Although some women take biotin as a hair vitamin, its benefit is limited and it does not restore the hair to its previous density.

It has been noted that hormones, a woman’s psychological state, and food are influential factors regarding hair growth and density, and any neglect regarding these factors leads to hair loss, and loss occurs from any part of the scalp, especially from the front part above the temples and sideburns, and this happens two or three months after the injury. Women or men suffer from stress or psychological pressure, and this is why some people ignore the relationship between stress and nervous pressure on the one hand and hair loss on the other hand.

Among the causes of hair loss are also cases of food poisoning or the presence of a percentage of mercury in food, and this last condition can be detected by measuring the level of cortisol in saliva.

A person must realize that hair can return to its natural state of growth if he can get rid of the stress that caused it to fall out. Eating healthy food helps achieve this goal, and taking nutritional supplements and extracts of some medicinal herbs after consulting a doctor and conducting the necessary examination helps the body in Detoxification.

It has also been noted that a lack of thyroid hormone causes hair loss, and it is known that a state of slow metabolism usually leads to this loss, in addition to weight gain, feeling cold, constipation, brittle nails, fatigue, and exhaustion with the slightest effort.

Experts say: Low levels of thyroid hormones are often due to malnutrition, immune system disorders, infections, and taking many medications to treat other diseases. We must not forget other factors, including stress, nervous pressures, infections, and the body’s failure to obtain sufficient nutrients that benefit it health more than Just providing energy and calories to carry out muscle and physical activity.

This means that the food that a person eats should contain vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, mineral salts, fiber, and healthy oils such as Omega 3, etc. Conducting a medical examination from time to time is very beneficial in treating hair loss.

It also turns out that hair loss – in men in particular – can be a result of an increase in the hormone testosterone in the middle of the scalp, which is called “DHT,” and taking some herbs according to the advice of a specialist doctor can greatly help in treating this condition.

Before or after menopause, women can take additional doses of the progesterone hormone when they are in their thirties or forties. It is known that progesterone resists the effects of androgens, which cause hair loss. In this way, hair can be fixed to the scalp for longer periods, and this is for the benefit of the woman, her comfort, beauty, and morale.

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