Flower therapy

Flower therapy, a form of alternative medicine, is based on the fact that flowers emit a healing vibrational energy. This therapy is believed to be good for spiritual and mental health. Some studies even say that flower extracts can relieve anxiety and pain. In addition, it is believed that trees, natural resources and even crystals in nature improve mental health.

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What is Flower Extracts, How Is It Made?

Flower essences and essential oils are usually prepared by mixing them with each other.

  1. Wild flowers or garden plants are collected and immersed in natural spring water.
  2. The water is boiled or exposed to the sun. Exposed to the sun, flowers reveal their energy.
  3. The water is filtered and packaged.

How to use?

These extracts, which you can find primarily in herbal medicine stores, pharmacies and health food stores, can be used in a few different ways.

You have often heard of cleansing the energy of homes with censers and natural oils that have become common lately. You can use flower extracts and essential oils with this method, which is said to be good for mental health with the scent of aromatic oils and essences. Get yourself a censer, put a lit candle in the upper part of the water and in the lower chamber. These essences, which you will drip into the water, will emit a pleasant smell as the water heats up and will make you relax.

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In addition, the products you use daily may already contain these flower essences. Lozenges, chewing gums, mouth sprays may contain flower extract. In addition, some creams and bath salts are prepared with flower extracts.

Remember. Flower essence and essential oil are different things. Small amounts of alcohol may be present in essential oils. Use essential oils only to take advantage of their scent.

Important Note: Of course, it is useful to remind again that this therapy is not a scientifically approved therapy, but an alternative medicine therapy. Do not use flower extracts directly to avoid allergic reaction