Fatigue is an indicator of iron deficiency

German doctor Hans-Michael Mühlenfeld warned that a constant feeling of exhaustion and fatigue without any apparent reason could be due to an iron deficiency in the body, pointing out that loss of motivation to perform daily tasks or a feeling of general weakness are among the indicators of this as well.


Regarding the benefits of this element in the body, Mohlenfeld, a member of the German Association of General Medical Specialists, said: “Iron is the main component of the blood pigment (hemoglobin), and its deficiency may lead to anemia.”


The German general medicine specialist pointed out that the rate of iron deficiency in women is higher than in men as a result of their loss of large amounts of blood during menstruation every month.


He pointed out that a deficiency in this element could be due to following a diet based on only one type of food or to malnutrition, and it may also result from the body not absorbing iron well in some people.


• advice:

If iron deficiency is confirmed through a blood test, the German doctor advises trying to treat it in a natural way by supplying the body with large quantities of it in the form of foods: “It is preferable, for example, to drink beet juice or red grape juice, as these foods contain large quantities.” Of iron.”


While Mölnfeld stressed that it is better not to use medications and medical preparations containing iron, such as iron tablets, except in cases of necessity, such as if the patient loses large amounts of blood, for example. As the stomach usually cannot tolerate such preparations greatly.


To prevent iron deficiency in the first place, a German general medicine specialist advises following a balanced diet that includes all nutrients. This allows you to obtain abundant amounts of iron, stressing that vegetarians can achieve this as well. Because many types of vegetables contain abundant amounts of this element.


It is noteworthy that red meat, animal liver, legumes such as beans, and whole grain products are rich sources of iron

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