Fast mixture to eliminate pigmentation and spots from the body

Whitening and softening the body is one of the things that women always strive to achieve, especially if it is a girl who is about to get married. That is why we suggest to you, Madam, the ideal recipe that gives you a bright, shiny and spotless body, and it is one of the recipes taken from the ancient Moroccan heritage.

Ingredients: Half a grated natural soap + a quantity of ground potatoes + two tablespoons of ground rice flour + a spoon of chickpea flour + a spoon of bean flour + a spoon of ground thyme + a little lemon juice.

Method of preparation: Madam, mix all the ingredients, add the soap dissolved in a water bath, put the mixture in a box, and use the mixture on your body before going to the bathroom, leave it until it dries, then remove it and take a shower. Repeat the recipe every day for 5 days. You will be surprised by the result

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