Exercising for two hours a week extends life for several years

The famous Russian cardiologist Leo Bokera said that a person who walks two hours a week lives about six to eight years longer than a person who leads a sedentary life.

Bokera, who is the head of the “Bakulev” National Medical Research Center for Cardiovascular Surgery in Moscow, added: “I will give you a very useful example. Americans conducted a study on tens of millions of people, as a result of which it was found that a person who walks two hours a week, lives six to eight “Years longer than someone who spends most of their time sedentary. That’s why walking is so popular, it doesn’t require any expense. Even if you live in a one-room apartment, walk around and move your legs so your body gets the required amount of stress.”

Boqueria pointed out that the self-isolation, imposed by the epidemic on the majority of people, should not hinder them from practicing physical activity and following a healthy lifestyle.

Bucharia stressed that a healthy lifestyle means proper nutrition, exercise and avoidance of alcohol and harmful habits.