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Exercising before breakfast removes 20% of body fat

A team of researchers at Northumbria University conducted a recent study in which they showed that people who exercise early in the morning before eating breakfast,

They can burn 20% of body fat, as the study was conducted on 12 adults who practiced a session of jogging exercises in the morning at ten in the morning,

After they ate breakfast or on an empty stomach, all of the volunteers drank a post-workout milk chocolate shake as compensation.

Later in the day, the volunteers ate pasta until they were full.

Then the energy level, and fat consumption during lunch time were measured, taking into account the amount of energy and fat burned during the morning.


The study noted that volunteers who exercised in the morning did not get rid of the extra calories

Or they experience an increased appetite during the day to make up for their previous activity.

While the researchers noted that those who exercised on an empty stomach burned nearly 20% more fat compared to those who ate breakfast before exercising.

This means that exercising on an empty stomach contributes to greater fat loss

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