Exercises that help strengthen the abdominal muscles

Exercises that help strengthen the abdominal muscles

One of the best beautifications for women, as well as for men, is the shape of the abdomen in a parallel manner, which is what many people are keen on. But achieving this requires effort and it has a guaranteed result. In addition to ensuring that the weight is within the normal range through the balance of meals and physical exercise, exercises for developing and strengthening the abdominal muscles are of particular importance for several reasons, including the important aesthetic aspect, including weight reduction. About the lower back so that one does not suffer from back pain and demolition processes in its vertebrae, including facilitating inhalation and exhalation, especially for men who are without women, who use the abdominal muscles for breathing and other benefits that protect the body, especially during a fall or

Abdominal muscle groups


Transverse abdominal muscles: It is the deepest muscle in the abdominal covering and works to stabilize the trunk of the body and maintain moderate pressure on the internal organs in the abdomen.


The rectus abdominis muscles: two pairs of muscles on each side that extend across multiple heads from the front of the breastbone and the ribs until they join the pelvis. It is what appears as bundles in the front of the abdomen in athletes, and its main task is to facilitate the movement of the body in balance between the chest area and the pelvic area, in addition to maintaining the shape of the abdomen from increase and bloating.


The external oblique muscles: It is a branch of the rectus abdominis muscle, but it deviates to cover the sides of the abdomen. Internal oblique muscles: They are located deep within the sides of the abdomen and also work to contribute to the rotation of the trunk. When the trunk rotates to the left side, for example, the internal oblique muscles contract on the same side and the external oblique muscles contract on the opposite side and vice versa.


Back pain and pregnancy


* The abdominal muscles support the stability of the back, and also contribute to increasing the bearing capacity of the lower back in particular for the weight of the body, as those who have weak abdominal muscles usually suffer from lower back pain. To strengthen the muscles, the ideal way is to exercise calmly because the speed forces the body to use muscles other than those intended for development. During pregnancy there is a separation of the parts of the rectus abdominis muscle and after childbirth the abdominal muscles need time to heal, then after a few weeks the woman can practice the exercise of strengthening the abdominal muscles, but this does not mean not to start light exercises for the abdomen after several days of birth