Excessive snacking at work leads to obesity

Many people eat snacks and snacks during work hours, which leads to a negative impact on their general health, especially weight gain. Occupational medicine specialist Anita Fall Wachendorf warned employees against eating too much snacks during work, especially those containing sugar. This can cause them to gain weight without them realizing it as a result of it containing large amounts of calories.


A member of the German Association of Company and Factory Physicians in the capital, Berlin, added: “A chocolate bar, for example, contains large amounts of calories,” pointing out that even the sweetened milk that many employees drink during work periods contains large amounts of sugar. Hence the calories.


She recommended that employees pay attention to the amount of calories in these between meals, stressing that it is better to eat fresh or dried fruits instead of foods that contain large amounts of calories. They can thus maintain their weight and protect themselves from obesity.

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