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Excessive Botox nullifies its benefit

Excessive Botox nullifies its benefit…


The contraction of the mica muscles causes the appearance of wrinkles with age, and in order to get rid of them, we resort to injecting “Botox” whether over the cheeks, or in the frontal forehead area, or in the neck area and the lower jaw line, or the sides of the eyes, where “Botox” leads to the cessation of wrinkles. The effect of the electrical signals transmitted by the nerve to the muscle fibers, and thus the muscle does not contract. However, a study showed that too much Botox is not beneficial, as the skin acquires immunity over time to the effectiveness of the injections, which prevents Botox injections from working.


These people may suffer from their skin not responding to Botox injections, and the reason is its excessive use in the past, especially when using its injections in medical cases, to treat other medical conditions that are not related to cosmetic surgery. Doctors have noticed that some patients develop immunity to Botox treatment, especially in those who have used it for up to 10 years.

On the other hand, Botox secretes chemicals between the muscle and nerves, leading to paralysis if its components and source are not confirmed. Experts stress the need to know its source and components in addition to the experience of the doctor who is injecting this substance.

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