Everything you need to know about the muzzle, its types

The muzzle, its types, the advantages and disadvantages of each type, after the spread of the Corona virus, everyone resorts to protecting themselves with the mask (the mask), because it is one of the best ways to prevent and spread infection .

Mask and its types

There are many types of masks, such as medical surgical and respiratory N95 masks, which are used to protect health care providers and patients.

Cloth catcher and its features

  • It protects society from the spread of infection and also protects the person who wears it to some degree, but it is more important when the infected person wears it.. I mean if all people adhere to it, they will protect each other..
  • There is research that says that it also provides protection for the person who wears it, which can reach 60%.. provided that it is made of thick cotton and is multi-layered.
  • It can be washed, ironed and reused.
  • It can be made by hand at home, even without the use of a sewing machine.
  • This is the mask that the CDC recommends for ordinary people to use.

Cloth catcher and its disadvantages

  • I may give a false sense of safety to the person who is wearing it, because its efficiency is not 100%, so the person must also stay away from crowds as much as possible and maintain a safe distance.
  • It must be handled with care so as not to spread the infection.

Surgical mask and its advantages

1- Its efficiency in protecting against the virus is higher than the cloth mask, provided that it is manufactured according to the specifications.

Surgical mask and its disadvantages

  1. It is used once and cannot be reused.
  2. The efficiency is also not very high, the most important thing is that the injured person wears it..
  3. After the Corona crisis, the market was filled with inferior types.

The N95 mask with filter / The N95/FFP2 mask without filter, its advantages

Very high protection for the person who wears it, provided that it is tight on the face..

The N95 mask with filter / The N95/FFP2 mask without filter Its faults

  • It does not provide the same high protection for people around the person who is wearing it because the filter acts as a one-way valve and exhales a percentage of exhalation (special for the N95 mask with a filter only.. but without the filter that protects the people around you)..
  • It is exhausting to breathe if you move or make an effort (especially the type without a filter).. It is uncomfortable and causes marks on the nose and face if used for a long time.
  • It must be very tight on the face, for example, you can’t wear it with a long beard, otherwise it will remain like everyone else’s.
  • It is supposed to be used only once, but due to the state of emergency, some parties said that it can be sterilized in limited cases.
  • Expensive and scarce in the world because of the need for doctors dealing with cases.

Important tips about the mask and its types

  • All masks, because their efficiency increases, must remain tight on the face.
  • The catcher protects you and others.
  • There is no mask that has no flaws, and the cloth mask is the most appropriate need that can be generalized outside hospitals.