Essential steps to protect your skin from wrinkles while you sleep

Essential steps to protect your skin from wrinkles while you sleep
Sleep wrinkles are those lines that appear on your skin as a result of some common mistakes and wrong sleep habits. These lines may seem simple, but with constant exposure, they turn into permanent wrinkles and harm the health of your skin. These fine lines begin to appear on the skin as a result of unstable movements of the skin during sleep, which leads to tightening and pulling of the skin to show some traces, fine lines and sagging that damage the appearance of your skin and make you look older.
There are some basic steps to help you avoid the appearance of such marks on the skin during sleep, follow the next article to learn about them.
Choose pillows made of satin
One of the simplest and most important ways to avoid the appearance of wrinkles in sleep is the use of satin pillows. Satin is one of the materials that reduce skin friction with the pillow, which prevents the appearance of fine lines on the skin.
Sleeping position on the back
The wrong sleeping position is one of the most important factors that cause wrinkles on the skin. The correct sleeping position that helps you avoid the appearance of wrinkles in sleeping is on the back. You can use some pillows to maintain the correct sleeping position. Place some pillows under your knees to avoid sleeping on your face.
Avoid caffeinated drinks
Caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee are among the drinks that dry out the body, as a result of increased diuresis, which leads to swollen eyelids and swollen face in the morning. These puffiness are among the factors that speed up the appearance of fine lines and skin wrinkles during sleep. Try as much as possible to avoid consuming these drinks and replace them with green tea or herbal tea. If you can’t avoid it completely, make sure you don’t take it long enough before you go to bed.
Stay hydrated
Drinking adequate amounts of water is essential to help prevent dehydration, which may cause the skin to develop premature wrinkles while sleeping. Skin care experts also recommend using a moisturizing cream before bed to moisturize the skin and nourish it with the essential elements necessary for its youthfulness and vitality.
Essential vitamins
Eating food sources rich in vitamins gives your skin a fresh and natural glow, and helps protect it from the effects of damage and sagging. Among the most essential vitamins that skin needs are vitamins A, C, and E.


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