Eggplant water, your magic recipe for weight loss

eggplant water one of the secrets of recipes for burning fat and losing weight in the fastest time, as it is called “miracle water.” To practice daily tasks, so eggplant water helps you change unhealthy habits of life, with the need to follow a healthy diet and exercise when eating it.

Eggplant water for weight loss

Eggplant water is an effective and fast treatment for weight loss and slimming, as its water content is very high, in addition to being rich in fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, which make water an excellent source for burning fat, and it is also an important source of nutrients that take care of the body, as some studies confirmed that it Slowly reduce annoying belly fat.

Eggplant water benefits

Eggplant water has large amounts of nutrients, in addition to being low in calories, it is an excellent diuretic, it also fights fluid retention, it also has many cleansing and detoxifying properties, it is free of fat, and helps control cholesterol, which regulates movement Intestines, fights constipation, along with an adequate amount of potassium and some sodium, which is important for the nervous and cardiovascular system

Eggplant benefits

Eggplant has many main benefits, it contains a lot of nutrients, and it is low in calories.

Thanks to its high content of vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant, it improves blood circulation and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Eggplant is also rich in potassium and sodium, and these two elements improve the health of the nervous system and the health of the heart and blood vessels.

Eggplant contributes to the detoxification of the body, while improving the metabolism, and controlling blood sugar levels.

Eggplant gives a feeling of satiety and improves the body’s ability to absorb fats in the intestines to prevent their accumulation in the arteries.

Eggplant stimulates bile, which works to protect the liver from excess fat.

Eggplant is an excellent nutritional supplement to fight anemia and immune problems because it contains magnesium and iron.

Eggplant contains folic acid, which is good for the bones.

Eggplant is a vegetable that is very rich in magnesium and iron, and it can prevent anemia and improve your defenses.

Preparation of eggplant water for weight loss

There is a way to use eggplant water for slimming and weight loss, while adding some nutrients
the components
One medium size eggplant
lemon juice
liters of water

How to prepare

Wash the eggplant with a little apple cider vinegar or baking soda.
After cleaning and disinfecting them well, cut them into small square pieces, about one and a half centimeters in size.
Put the eggplant pieces in a glass jug, and put a liter of water on it.
Squeeze the lemon and put its juice on the previous mixture.
Put the drink in the refrigerator and let it steep overnight

How to use

To get rid of toxins in the body, drink this mixture for 7 consecutive days for a whole month.
You can take it three times a week, or when you feel an irresistible craving to eat.
You can distribute a liter of eggplant water in several doses per day, for example, one cup before each main meal.

How to eat eggplant water to burn fat

You can take eggplant water by distributing it throughout the day
Eat a cup of eggplant and lemon water + a cup of oats and an apple.
Have a cup of eggplant water with lemon before eating the main meal, then a spinach and walnut salad, a little light cheese and pineapple pieces, pieces of chicken breast grilled in the oven with circles of lemon.
A cup of eggplant and lemon water.
A cup of eggplant and lemon water before eating, then a few boiled pieces of ground fork with a little olive oil and vinegar + an easy-to-digest salad with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, pieces of papaya, a few walnuts, a little olive oil and slices of lemon.


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