Easy home mixes to get rid of yellowing nails

Yellowing of the nails is a problem that bothers you and you do not find a solution to it? Do you feel embarrassed by this antique color and find it difficult to give up nail polish, being a working woman, which makes the situation worse? There is no doubt that a woman’s fingertips and hand movements arouse the attention of a man and taking care of her is very necessary. From here, discover with us the easiest natural mixtures that whiten your nails in your home:


Natural lemon mixture:


Trim your nails from above to remove the outer crust, which ranges in color from yellow to dark brown. Dip your nails in lemon and wait for 5 minutes.


Put drops of baby oil or olive oil on the cuticule to moisturize the skin around the nail. This process contributes to reviving the dry skin surrounding the nails, which causes it to break as it presses on the nail from the sides.





Vaseline and rose water:


In a previous article, we presented the benefits and strangest uses of Vaseline, and today we would like to add a new feature to Vaseline. The mixture of Vaseline and rose water contributes to re-lightening the color of the fingernails and adding vitality and beauty to them.


-Lavender oil:


In addition to its pleasant and calming scent, lavender oil reduces yellowness. Drip some on the inside of your nail for faster results!


Still hesitating? Hurry up and start fixing your nail problem so that you can then color it with the most beautiful nail polish. As for the most important advice, it is to keep applying the base coat on the nails to avoid re-yellowing and impregnation of dark colors.

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