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Easy and simple ways to get bright eyes

Taking care of your eyes and preserving them is not an easy task, as the eye is the most affected place by external and internal factors in the body, and to obtain clear and white eyes, we will offer you some tips and natural mixtures. >

1- Mix one tablespoon of apple juice with one tablespoon of carrot juice and two tablespoons of rose water, then mix the mixture well.

>Cotton, then dip it in the mixture and wipe your eyes with it, or use it as an eye compress.>

2- Cucumber mask, cut the cucumber into thin pieces and put them in the refrigerator, then put them on your eyes for a period of no less than




> 10 minutes.

3- Boil loose leaf tea without sugar. Place it in the freezer until the top layer is frozen to what is below what is frozen, then add rose water.

Take a piece of cotton, wet it and put it on your eyes (compresses), then relax a little.

> There are varieties of foods that benefit the eye, such as eating dates, almonds, peanuts and butter in abundance, in addition to leafy greens

All kinds, such as lettuce, watercress, and parsley, all of which are rich in vitamins that are beneficial for the beauty and freshness of the eye.

> Wash your eyes with lukewarm water four or five times a day to get freshness and vitality.

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