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Dye your own eyebrows with simple steps

Do you want to change the color of your eyebrows?! .. Do you want to get two wide eyebrows?! .. Do you suffer from problems in the shape of the eyebrows and do not want to resort to plucking them?! .. Today we present to you a method of dyeing the eyebrows in very easy steps, so that you can dye the eyebrows by yourself and at your home as well .. Here are the details of dyeing the eyebrows …

– Prepare the color of the dye that you want to get, just like hair dye, but in a very small quantity.

– Clean your skin well.

Draw the borders of your eyebrows with a pen without filling in the internal spaces.

– Apply “Vaseline” on the outer borders of the eyebrows to avoid skin pigmentation in the event of an error.

Fill in the eyebrows with the dye and leave it for the period specified in the instructions attached to the dye box.


– Clean the dye with paper tissues, then rinse your face with soap and cold water and dry it well.

By completing these steps, you will get your eyebrows dyed in the color you want.

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