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Drink to strengthen the immune system naturally

The body’s immune system works to defend against any danger that may affect any of the body’s cells and organs. Therefore, we always seek to know the different methods and methods that help you strengthen the immune system. Here is a drink with natural ingredients to strengthen your immune system.

Experts point out that malnutrition is an important cause of weak immunity. That is why it is important to regularly consume beverages containing vital nutrients to prevent disease and help people recover from it.

To prepare the drink you need:

orange – 1

Grapes – 1

Banana – 1

pear – 1

Soy milk or almond milk – a cup

Chopped spinach – 2 cups

Ice cubes – half a cup

How to prepare:

In the bowl of an electric mixer, put the vegetables and fruits and mix well.

Add the type of milk of your choice to the mixture and grind until the ingredients are combined.

Drink a cup of the mixture daily to boost immunity.

Other tips:

Because the throat is the first in defending the body from viruses, you must always keep it moist, eat a large amount of water daily.

Avoid consuming a large amount of caffeine during the day, as caffeine does not help the immune system function.

Eat enough protein during the day. Protein is found in nuts, soybeans and dairy products. Here, in this context, foods that strengthen immunity.

Eat oranges, strawberries and tomato juice in abundance because they contain vitamins.

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