Does straightening hair harm your health?

Hair straightening is safe for health only when it does not contain formaldehyde in its composition, such as a progressive brush without formaldehyde, laser hair straightening or hair lift, for example. Anvisa classifies these straighteners as ethical and do not contain formaldehyde, which can cause long-term burns, hair loss, and even cancer.

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Thus, all hair straighteners that contain other substances such as ammonium thioglycolate, thioglycolic acid, carbocysteine, guanidine hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, acetic acid or lactic acid instead of formaldehyde are safe and can be used for straightening hair.

However, this type of treatment should be carried out by professional hairdressers, since it is necessary to evaluate the type of hair and skin of the scalp to find out the most suitable material in each case, in order to obtain, and not only the best result, but also to avoid harm to health.

Can a pregnant woman straighten her hair?

Pregnant women should definitely not straighten their hair with formalin, but other products should also not be used, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, because it is not yet known if they are completely safe for the baby.

Find out the safest way to straighten hair during pregnancy.

What are the precautions before smoothing?

Before straightening it is important to take some precautions such as:

Get your hair straightened by a trusted stylist who uses formaldehyde-free straightening products;

Look at the product label for the straightening and check if it has an Anvisa approval code that starts with 2 and is 9 or 13 digits long;

pay attention if the hairdresser uses formaldehyde after preparing the product (this substance usually emits a very strong odor that can cause a burning sensation in the eyes and throat);

Pay attention if you stay away from other people in the salon, if the hairdresser turns on the fan or puts a mask on your face due to the strong smell of formaldehyde.

Also, if your scalp starts to feel itchy or burning, you should stop straightening and wash your hair immediately with water, as the product likely contains formalin.

If you have a safe straightening, now find out how you can take care of your hair to ensure the effect lasts long.