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Does self-tanning help cover up scars and stretch marks?

If you have scars and stretch marks, you might consider using self-tanning as a way to hide them. Alternatively, you may be a fan of self-tanning but worry that the tan will make your skin imperfections stand out even more. Get to know the details:

Covering scars with self tanning

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Scar tissue is different from normal skin tissue and can react unexpectedly to self-tanners. Some people may notice that a tan makes the scar tissue darker and helps it blend in with the surrounding skin.
Others do not notice any difference. Some users claim that a tan actually brings out scar tissue, as the surrounding skin darkens while the scar tissue doesn’t.
Small, superficial scars usually get darker with your skin, while larger and deeper scars won’t react either. However, this is only a general rule, and everyone’s scars are different.
The best way to know if self-tanning will positively or negatively affect your scar is to do a small patch test on the area. We recommend using a self-tanner in the form of a body lotion.
Method: Exfoliate the area before performing a self-tanner test to ensure a smooth surface. After a full 8 to 10 hours, assess the appearance of the scar tissue and surrounding skin to see if self-tanning has helped.

Covering stretch marks with self tanning

Similar questions are being asked about whether self-tanners can hide stretch marks. In general, old stretch marks that are white or silver can be hidden, while new ones that are red or purple may be more difficult. Also, freshly infected skin does not absorb the tanning solution easily.
Self-tanning can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, hide vitiligo, and make you look slimmer. If you use a self-tanner with a moisturizer, your skin will also benefit from this extra hydration.

Other ways to cover scars and stretch marks

If you want to get a self-tan, great! Head over to our self-tanners section to find the product that works for you. However, if you decide that self-tanning isn’t the best option for you, rest assured that there are other ways you can hide your marks.
Consider using a heavy-duty concealer to cover scars and stretch marks. Try a long-wearing concealer.
Instead, try a body primer, we recommend a foundation that is water-resistant and provides SPF.

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