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Does onion help get rid of acne?

Does onion help get rid of acne?


You will not believe that onions will help you get rid of acne, and it will give your skin the purity and freshness that you are looking for, as onions contain sulfur, which is one of the most important minerals for maintaining the skin, so onions help to get rid of acne, especially for women with oily skin.


Does onion help get rid of acne?


There are many mixtures that you can use for your skin and get rid of pimples and acne, for example:


vinegar and onions


Mix onion juice with vinegar and put some drops on a piece of cotton and wipe it on the acne on your skin and leave it, and with time you will notice the disappearance of the grains.


Boiled onions


Boil the peeled onions over low heat for five minutes, until soft. Wrap the onion in a piece of gauze and apply it on the pimples. Repeat this twice a day.


Mashed onions


Put the mashed onion on the acne pimples on your skin and leave it for a quarter of an hour, then wash it with water. Repeat the process until the pimples begin to disappear gradually.


Onion and oatmeal mask


● 1 cup of water


● 3 tablespoons of oats


● 1 tablespoon of onion powder


Mix the ingredients well and put them on the fire for a few minutes until they become warm and the oats are cooked. Apply the mixture to your skin and relax for ten minutes.


Onion juice and honey


● ½ mashed onion


● 2 tablespoons of honey


This mixture is an ideal treatment for skin problems, as it contains antiseptic substances that eliminate bacteria and fungi that cause acne and various pimples. Apply the mask to the area affected by acne, and you will notice that it will disappear as the mask continues to be applied.

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