Does cannabis prevent coronavirus? What are the benefits of cannabis?


Cannabis seeds which are also called stupid grass, hemp grass and kinap grassIt turns out that it has many health benefits. This seed, which is consumed in meals, salads and as tea, meets 65 percent of the protein needed by the body when consumed three spoons a day. In addition, thanks to the minerals it contains, it minimizes the deformations in the nervous system. Cannabis, one of the most popular plants in recent years, has once again been the subject of research, especially by scientists. Its production has been banned by countries around the world in order not to obtain drugs. It is produced only in certain regions for pharmaceutical companies under the control of the state. In the researches, it is discussed whether cannabis reduces the effect of chemotherapy seen during cancer treatment, whether it is a cure for coronavirus or not. 

cannabis is a powerful sedative

cannabis is a powerful sedative


Professor at the University of Oregon, USA. Dr. Richard van Breemen, in his research, claimed that the chemical components “CBGA” and “CBDA” in hemp prevent the virus from living and spreading. Thereupon, Prof. from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Dr. Renger Witkamp, ​​on the other hand, stated that cannabis prevents the virus in test tubes, but it is not yet known what will happen when these two substances come together in the human body. He stated that this should be included in the scope of very serious research. 



As with any plant, hemp can be used by drying in the sun. The tea obtained is generally recommended to people who often experience stress and depression. Cannabis, which has a calming effect, is also recommended for those with headache complaints, not exceeding one glass a day.

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  • It is rich in amino acids that positively affect the functioning of the human body. 
  • The hemp seed, which is rich in essential fatty acid called Gamma Linolenic acid, supports the more balanced functioning of the hormones in the body.
  • The oil of this seed also helps the health of the brain and the formations in the structure of the brain. Forgetfulness reduces the risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. 
  • If consumed regularly, it renews the dermis layer of the skin and prevents aging as well as making it look brighter and more vibrant. The same benefit applies to the scalp and hair. Thanks to vitamin E, it protects the DNA structure of the skin, hair and nails.
  • It ensures the proper functioning of the intestines. Since it is a source of fiber, it facilitates digestion. It is an ideal seed for vegan and dieters. 
  • Thanks to its rich vitamins and minerals, it prevents anemia and diseases such as fatigue and headaches that develop due to anemia. 
  • Thanks to magnesium, it reduces sleep problems by increasing the melatonin hormone in the brain.
  • Studies have shown that it provides one-to-one benefits to menstrual cramps. Thanks to its soothing effect, it reduces severe contractions. 

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