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DIY Fresh Mint Face Mask for a Youthful Glow - Care Beauty

DIY Fresh Mint Face Mask for a Youthful Glow


Many natural substances, such as herbs, vegetables and fruits, are beneficial for the skin and its freshness, and many experts recommend using them in the composition of many face masks. Today we chose a mint mask for the skin.

Among the most important properties of mint:

Mint mask and its benefits


It has a flatulence effect.

– Aperitif.

Explanation of mint mask and its benefits

Relieves indigestion.

Useful for patients with cholera and diarrhea.

It has a role in raising the temperature inside the body and causing sweating.

Peppermint is a homemade mask and is the perfect thing to maintain the health of your skin to keep it beautiful and fresh, so you will definitely love to try the mint mask for the skin, here are my lady the ingredients and the method of use:

the ingredients:

– Option.

– Blender.

– A glass bowl.

– a spoonful of water.

Lemon juice

1 cup minced mint

Sealed bowl.

Steps to prepare a mint mask for the skin:

Wash the cucumbers and chop them and put them in a blender until they are smooth and paste. Then put this puree in a bowl, and add water to it.

Measure out half a cup of cucumber paste and put it in a microwave bowl. Then add the lemon juice and leave it in the microwave for 4-5 minutes.

Add the mint leaves to the cucumber paste and stir well for 5 minutes.

Leave the mint and cucumber mask to cool.

Transfer the contents of the container and store in a cool dry place, or in the refrigerator. Then put the mask on your face.