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Distance education in light of the Corona pandemic - Care Beauty

Distance education in light of the Corona pandemic


Online education in the shadow of pandemic Corona
In light of the spread of the second wave of the Korna epidemic, in many countries there are a number of precautionary means, which can be taken among all teachers and their students, to prevent the disease in terms of addressing its spread in various countries of Europe .
Learning through the internet plays a service role, to achieve a number of diverse educational goals, including connecting learners and teachers in a number of different locations, and through which a large number of information can be accessed .
The internet also plays an important role in the development of the educational profession of all teachers, and the internet has played an important role in the continuation of educational activities and training elements, and a large number of educational materials can be available through it .
Online education also helps the digital education plan, which many European countries have been pursuing at various educational levels since mid-2020, which is a press release on distance education .
The European Commission has provided significant means of support for digital education and Prevention of the corona epidemic, by supporting all actions that may help prevent the spread of the virus and respond to the global pandemic, as well as a report on distance education .
Identified Every for for Digital have helped a large number of European countries in that, by harnessing all the challenges that may face the educational process under digital control .
There are also a number of awards that have been developed, by hackathon, which aim to develop a range of strategies to address the challenges that may stand in the way of digital transformation .
Improving the quality of distance education under Corona
Where there are a large number of teachers, professors, coaches and directorates of manpower after the foundations of dialogue for distance education and discuss everything related to this case, where you seek to choose the best means of improving educational quality, especially in light of closing a number of schools 
There are also a number of researches in this field, which aim to reach the highest quality in the distance education process especially with the spread of the Korna virus, in all countries of the world and there are a number of principles to reach those goals from them .
Change the old nature of the teacher and the learner and prepare among them for the new life, which, may differ from the previous period of a little while, and the goals may also differ so it must be easy for learners .
A number of means are put in place that enhance experiences in the distance education process, remove all barriers and improve effectiveness in learner participation, thus changing the education system in the kingdom between the present and the past .
The student faces all the challenges that may face in the future in terms of getting the right nutrition to address the physical stress that may be inflicted, as well as challenging all the trauma that they may experience and harnessing social resources to serve the students .
Provide reassurance to all students by calculating the grades of activities for them, in the courses they have received as well as not to worry that they must participate in the call, group communication and all the organizing processes of the education movement .
The face of lack of success which may befall some of the plans that have been developed for distance education, as well as preparing students to accept lack of success and access goal in the period .
Do not despair when all the expectations that you and your students have been seeking have not been fulfilled, it may be a sacrifice for the need of all and it may be an additional and non-essential advantage .
How Distance Education worked under Corona
This is through the preparation of students at all levels of education, by the competent ministry in the UAE for the life of distance education, and this step may be in line with the closure of a number of universities and schools in the UAE, such as in the UAE .
With the spread of the Korna virus, the state disrupted the study in its educational institutions, and when the study resumed, it was through electronic means( the internet) that help in distance education .
There are a number of distance learning laws adopted by that state to make the new educational system successful for all schools and pupils from them :
Training of more than 20,000 teachers and administrators in the distance education system was carried out in schools belonging to the state government authority, while in private schools more than 9,000 private school administrators and teachers were trained .
The training course, which helps in distance education, was coordinated with Hamdan bin Mohammed Smart University and helped prepare the teacher for classes through the internet .
Instruct and prepare private educational institutions to implement the distance education system and require the state to maintain its regularity in accordance with the adopted state plan .
The establishment of 2 specialized centers for supervision and follow-up of the distance education process, and the two centers were equipped with a set of modern screens and systems, which help monitor the progress of educational life remotely .
Develop a set of plans that help parents and all students overcome all obstacles and difficulties that they may face while learning in this system .
The order was organized with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) in the UAE, by providing a number of free internet services to all households in their homes who are not connected to the internet .
Models of distance learning systems under Corona
Control student behavior
The Ministry of Education has launched a guide entitled managing student behaviour distance learning 2020 
This guide included the identification of all errors that pupils may make, the degree of gravity of them as well as the acts that represent them, and the document specified the means by which this is addressed .
That document contained a mention of the roles of the order holders and all parents of the pupils, as well as the school staff .
Product launch free
It is one of the platforms that have been launched in that country and helps the young person to develop himself and offers him a number of opportunities that suit him in various institutions .
These opportunities consisted of a number of volunteer work during the corona pandemic, as well as e-business training and a number of courses, which helped the young Emirati to take advantage of the time .
This together Dubai platform
It is an important platform for e-learning and was established by the knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) to facilitate all things and obstacles for lessons for all pupils in the presence of the coronavirus .
This platform consists of cooperation between private and governmental bodies, within the UAE and the rest of the world and was free of charge for the guardian of the student, teachers and students.
Areas lacking connectivity free broadband services launched
These services were provided via satellite following the coordination between Alyah, a telecommunications company, and the Ministry of Education, which sought to improve the means of distance learning .
Free home internet
It was provided to all families within the fraternal Arab Emirates, who had no internet connection so they could teach their children and daughters remotely .