Disadvantages of using expired sunscreen

Disadvantages of using expired sunscreen

The sunscreen is effective for 3 years


If you want to use the sunscreen you bought last summer, especially since its bottle is still half full, don’t worry because you can still use it to protect the skin without any potential damage. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the Food and Drug Administration requires sunscreen makers to ensure that their products remain effective for 3 years. But if you find that the sunscreen has changed its color and smell, and its texture has become inconsistent, do not hesitate to get rid of it because it is definitely expired. The most noticeable signs of an expiring sunscreen are its lumpy, chunky or watery texture, yellow color and strange smell.



The most prominent side effects of using expired sunscreen on the skin


Sunscreen loses its effectiveness when it expires



The chemicals in sunscreen degrade over time and by high heat and sunlight, so using expired sunscreen makes your skin vulnerable to burns in the short term, and to skin cancer and skin aging in the long term, because it loses its effectiveness and is no longer able to protect your skin from damage Sun rays. But other than that, expired sunscreen does not cause any harm to the skin or cause any side effects on the skin.



Tips to keep your sunscreen effective until its expiration date


Sunscreen should be stored away from heat



Keep sunscreen at room temperature.

Close the cap tightly after use.

Keep it away from moisture and high temperatures.

– Do not leave it in your car, and if you are at the pool, put it in a shaded place or under a towel.

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