Diet herbs

Diet herbs










Soak a little cumin in boiling water, cut the lemon into rings, leave it overnight, and drink its water in the morning before breakfast.

Halfa Barr:

Soak the leaves and flowers of halfa bur in water and drink one cup three times daily


Dandelion (wild clover):

Squeeze the leaves, flowers and roots of the plant, boil in a liter of water for 10 minutes, filter, then drink to burn fat. You can drink a cup of water three times a day for three weeks.



Use unsweetened rosemary emulsion in the morning before breakfast and before lunch for a month.



Drinking half a cup of cherry fruit juice daily before breakfast and before lunch, while maintaining a balanced diet, reduces weight.


Nigella sativa (black seed):

Eating black seed helps burn fat accumulated in the body.

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