Delicate face mask with quick and easy ingredients


There are many  women who  believe in  using  natural  methods to  obtain defective, white, and  pure  skin,  including a flour catcher for the face,  which is a  more  commonly used option. Rice flour  not  only  helps  to give you white  skin, it  also  helps to  fight  dead  skin  when  mixed with  other  ingredients. It’s  also used to  remove facial and  body hair as well.

Top  5 of the Button Flour Catcher For My Experience

The following are  some of the  best rice face packaging that  can help you  without  adding any  kind of chemical to it.

1. Rice flour catcher and fatty  skin cracker

When rice flour  is mixed with crack and lemonade, it makes a magic packaging that works  better on  dark spots. It works as a  cleaner and  gives you  the bright  touch you want.

Rice flour catcher and fatty  skin cracker

How this rice catcher works:

To make the mixture, you  just  have to take  3 small spoons of rice flour and  a little spoon of  fresh lemonade and  a bunch of crack in a bowl. Mix the  ingredients  properly to  form a cluster –  free paste.

Application method:

Put the paste  on your face and  leave it for  about 15 minutes. Rinse with water at a  normal temperature. Put  some  light moisturizer after the laundry  because your  skin can dry  because of lemonade.

The  benefits of the button – and – punch face  mask:

Rice flour musk’s facial  ingredients are very  effective on  dark spots and whitish  skin tones. The crack  also serves as a  natural  ingredient for disinfectant  options and  also  helps  clean  skin color.

Using this catcher  twice  a week will  help you get the  right face.

2. Rice flour catcher and tomato for acne:

Are you  tired of your  attempts to  cure  acne  on the face? Rice flour  mask with tomato juice and twisted  dirt will  certainly  help you  in the  most effective and  tried  way.

The  way this button catcher is made:

To make this packaging, take  a little spoon of rice flour and  a little  half a tablespoon of Mutani Matti and  some tomato juice to make a  soft paste. Mix  all the powders with tomato juice to  form a semi – thick catcher.

How do I  put the catcher on my face:

Put the packaging  on the face to  form a thick layer. When the packaging dries, I wash the packaging  using  moderate temperature water.

Benefits of rice flour catches and tomatoes:

Using rice flour musk  every day will  certainly  help you  get rid of  those  pimples and hate  acne from the face.

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