Definition of balanced nutrition


The concept of balanced nutrition

The definition of balanced nutrition includes the concepts of nutrition and balance:

First: nutrition science is the science that is concerned with the study of food and the use of the body and benefit from it, and it is also the processes that occur for food from the moment of eating to the output through the processes of digestion and absorption, and includes the importance of proper nutrition

Second: the concept of balance is the opposite of hyperbole, which is a state of Health in every matter of life and all fields.

From the above we can define balanced nutrition as eating diverse and important foods and benefiting from food in a balanced and appropriate to the daily needs, for each age and stage of which the human needs vary from pregnancy to Old Age through different stages of age, where human health is affected by the type of nutrition.

Ingredients of balanced food

Consists balanced diet of all the nutrients that his body needs and cannot do without it, which is vegetables, fruit, grains, legumes, nuts, proteins and dairy derivatives, all within the calorie limits appropriate for each person and each body according to the body mass, weight, quality, price and other differences that must be taken into account when considering calories, divided nutrients that needed by human to

The importance of proteins is evident in that they are the main component of building all cells of the body, regenerating cells and strengthening hair and skin, and the importance of carbohydrates lies in providing energy, burning fat and storing vitamins.

Micronutrients they include vitamins and mineral salts, they help support metabolism, maintain damaged tissues, produce cells, and strengthen nerves and muscles. 

Many studies have been presented to know the proper nutrition and knowledge of the relationship of food in human health and was placed in a pyramid form to make it easier for people to know and the important and desired foods were placed at the base of the pyramid and included vegetables and fruits and the top of the pyramid of sugars and fats to

It is clear from the foregoing the importance of each element that enters the body’s nutrition, the extent of its impact and effectiveness and, in turn, the extent of vulnerability in the event of its deficiency or absence.[2]

Benefits of balanced food

Here we clearly show the importance of balanced nutrition and the rights of the body to us, namely:

Meet the needs of the body and in that we find that each organ of the body needs food and these needs vary according to the location of the organ of the body as well as its functional size, hair needs proteins and vitamins, muscles need proteins and carbohydrates, and the kidneys need salts and the digestive system needs minerals and dietary fiber

Prevention of diseases balanced nutrition is a line of defense against diseases that result from nutrition and diseases resulting from unbalanced nutrition due to wrong habits in nutrition such as the concentration of fat more than normal, which was the cause of the occurrence of diabetes and other diseases that result from the concentration of certain minerals in the body, and

The importance of proper nutrition to increase the body’s activity and vitality is one of the benefits to the body in the case of balanced nutrition where the body gets its needs in a balanced way that gives it the necessary activity and avoids laziness and lethargy.

Balanced nutrition provides the natural and proper growth of the body where the necessary and sufficient compensation of the necessary elements that have been consumed periodically, continuously and also in a balanced manner, all this is considered the effect of balanced nutrition on health and appearance.

Effect of balanced nutrition on appearance

Balanced nutrition has a direct and clear impact on appearance, especially the skin the skin is one’s mirror to the outside world and part of one’s appearance and the more balanced food includes important nutrients, the more it reflects on the external appearance and The Shape of the skin and its elasticity and health, in addition to the vitality and activity that

Those interested in the relationship of nutrition to mental health have noted the impact of undernourishment and imbalance on mood, stress and other mental disorders.

After that we know the definition of balanced nutrition and their components as well as its benefits and impact we use the terms balanced nutrition

Conditions of balanced nutrition

Balanced nutrition is a reason to avoid the occurrence of obesity and weight gain and avoid diseases that arise from overeating and overeating food there are a set of conditions to achieve this namely:

Eat foods and drinks fresh, stay away from foods that contain saturated fats as well as sugars, and follow the wrong dietary habits and alternatives

 Eat foods that contain vitamins and minerals and compensate them with supplements in case of their deficiency.

 Attention to the effect of some vitamins, minerals and supplements each other whether to amend their work or interact with them such as the impact of iron-rich foods on the intake of vitamin C as it affects absorbed.

Avoid eating foods that are not useful and represented by a large number of fast foods that have recently spread and observed the extent of their bad impact on the development of the body, especially for children and their inability to meet the needs of the body besides their severe damage so is an important and essential condition to stay away from them and

Eating fruits and vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products and the observance of healthy food taking into account health status and other differences that occur over the occupation of these elements, all these points answer the question How do I know my nutrition is intact

Tips for balanced nutrition

The order of balanced nutrition and getting a healthy life and a healthy body and a healthy appearance and good mood and there are signs that my healthy nutrition appear in the health of the organs of the most and most important topics of concern to many so that doctors nutrition and internal and many human doctors have directed a lot of their advice and:

Water intake in abundant quantities

Eating fresh vegetables and fruits

Less saturated fat

Reducing sugars

Practical application steps for balanced nutrition

Adhere to fixed dining schedules.

Take care to set dietary goals available, easy and easy to apply.

Take a friend or family member with you on your journey to survive balanced food.

Turn balanced nutrition into a habit and routine and not just a transition.

Periodically include sports in your diet.

Do not be ashamed of the word no to refuse any offer of food that disrupts the balance of your food and you can always use fresh vegetables and fruits at your fingertips while working.

Do not hesitate to ask for help, both from those around you, parents and friends, in supporting you with a balanced diet, as well as do not hesitate to ask specialists and know about healthy food .

Attention to eating vegetables and fruits in all colors and this variety of colors gives the body the necessary vital substances necessary for him, the red color in the fruit is useful in preventing some types of cancer diseases, and the yellow color protects from clots and regenerates cells and tissues of the body ، 

Effects of non-compliance with balanced nutrition

After we talked about the importance of balanced nutrition and the tips to get it, it remains to be seen what the consequences of not taking care of the nutritional balance are based on the results of the research:

Endangering health.

The absence of balanced nutrition leads to diseases and reduces the percentage of healing from diseases and there are so-called Nutrition diseases resulting from bad eating habits.

Overweight and obesity and their impact on the body in general

Malnutrition and lack of needs for the body such as anemia and gout important vitamins for the body.

It is clear from the foregoing that knowledge of balanced nutrition and attention to it is essential in human life and health.

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