Cucumber and orange are an effective remedy for oily skin

Oily skin needs masks more than others, but not any mask helps.

Try these three masks, each of which is characterized by a different task, as some of them give your skin freshness or
It nourishes or opens the pores.



Orange and oatmeal mask
For this mask, you will need half a cup of oats, the juice of half an orange, a bit of glycerin, and a small egg white.

Whisk the egg white well, then add the oats, orange juice and glycerin until you get a light paste

Put them on your face ten minutes and then wash your face.
Glycerin moisturizes, eggs reduce wrinkles, orange nourishes

With this mask, you will feel that your oily skin has become more youthful and fresh.

honey mask
The easiest way to make a honey mask is to dip your finger in hot water and then into a dish of honey to spread the honey all over your face
And your neck in a circular motion outward, avoiding the eye area because its skin is sensitive.
Leave the honey on
your skin for at least ten minutes until it is absorbed by the pores of the skin, then wash your face with warm water and you will find it luminous
And shining like pearls.

Cucumber and yogurt mask
This mask is great for skin lightening, cleansing, tightening and getting rid of any traces of the sun.
Squeeze a fruit
Cucumber, then add an egg white, a little milk powder and rose water to the juice.
Mix all ingredients
To get a paste and then spread it on your face and neck.

Leave it for ten minutes, then wash your face with lukewarm water, and you will find your skin moisturized and tight, no matter your age.

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