Cuban Breeze: How to Prepare a Popular and Delicious Mojito at Home

The classic Latin cocktail Mojito’s history dating back to Hemingway distinguishes it from the classic cocktail category and transforms it into a cool drink with its look and taste. Mojito is often preferred as a modern and delicious drink. Imagine dancing to light rhythms on a pleasant summer evening, sipping Mojito in a long drink glass in your hand. Mojito is the drink of these times. We have listed what you need to know about this delicious cocktail and 9 delicious Mojito recipes. What drink is a mojito made with? Classic recipe Mojito with vodka? How to make mojito at home? What is the alcohol percentage of Cocktail Mojito? We have answered all the frequently asked questions for you.

What is a mojito?

mojito recipe

Mojito is part of Cuba and the Caribbean islands. Over time, it gained a national dimension. By the mid-1920s, the Mojito had become Cuba’s unofficial, if not official, national cocktail. Since that time; The drink, which is sweet and sharp, is known as the national cocktail of the Caribbean. According to some experts, although Mojito is associated with “mint julep” from the south of the USA, it is possible to say that it is original rum julep recipes. Compared to Daiquiri, Mojito is a drink preferred by everyone regardless of economic class. Drinking a mojito is considered a sign of national pride in Cuba. We can say that the art of mojito still causes intricate philosophical discussions in Cuba.

Hemingway, Gary Cooper, Ava Gardner, and Erol Flynn are recognized as the first famous consumers of the Mojito. Mojito managed to find a solid place in the cocktail menus of stylish bars in the 1940s. The Sugar Free Mojito recipe was prepared for the first time for Ernest Hemingway, who could not consume unprocessed sugar. In this Mojito version, Gustos Maracino (Cuban cherry liqueur and grapefruit juice) was preferred instead of sugar. The same period coincides with the period when rich cocktail lovers travel to Cuba to have fun, due to the prohibition of alcohol in the United States. Today, the Mojito enjoys popularity in Europe and around the world as the most comprehensive and ancient Cuban cocktail. The first Mojito was prepared in Cuba in 1593 by Francis Drake. For a while this cool drink was called Drake.Then the name Mojito was derived from the Spanish word “mojar” meaning to soak or dampen. ‘Bodeguita del Medio’, one of Cuba’s famous bars, has succeeded in bringing this drink to the point it deserves.

Mojito recipes

We have listed delicious and practical Mojito recipes for you that you can prepare at home. If you wish, you can add aromatically and sweeten your Mojito drink as you wish. Let’s take a look at the Mojito recipes, which is a practical and delicious cocktail option in the summer, and take a closer look at the preparation stages.

1. Classic Mojito recipe

mojito recipe

Let’s explain how to make the classic mojito, which is our first recipe; Let’s start with the materials first. Ingredients we need: fresh mint leaves, juice of half a lime, 30 ml of rum and soda. For the syrup of our recipe; Sugar and water are required. First, we add a glass of water and a glass of sugar into a container for the syrup. Wait until the mixture boils over high heat, then remove it from the fire. Keep mixing until it becomes transparent and then allow to cool. Pour fresh mint leaves and juice of half a lime into a large cocktail glass. Mash with the back of a wooden spoon. On the other hand, fill your glass to the brim with ice cubes. Add the syrup and rum you prepared and mix. Finally, you can add soda and make it ready to serve with fresh mint leaves and lemon slices.

2. Italian Mojito

Another recipe of ours is Italian Mojito. In Italy, locals tried to cook the mojito in their own way. Since wine is among the country’s traditional spirits, they decided to add it to the popular cold cocktail. To put it briefly, while preparing the Italian Mojito, white rum is mixed with sparkling white wine in equal proportions, and finally lemon juice and crushed mint are added to it. The cocktail is ready.

3. Pineapple Mojito

mojito recipe

Let’s start by counting the ingredients we need for our recipe for this Mojito. Our ingredients: fresh mint leaves, 1 lime, 30 ml of rum and pineapple juice. Add the fresh mint leaves and the juicy lemon to the cocktail glass. Mash with the back of a wooden spoon until the peppermint oil and lemon juice blend well. As the next step, fill the glass to the brim with ice cubes. Add the lemon juice, rum and pineapple juice. Stir the cocktail lightly. Finally, you can choose pineapple slices and fresh mint for serving. Your pineapple flavored Mojito is ready. Enjoy your meal.

4. Strawberry Mojito

mojito recipe

Ingredients we need for our recipe: 10 strawberries, 30 ml of rum, fresh mint leaves, 1 lime and soda. For syrup: sugar and water will suffice. For syrup, add a glass of sugar to a glass of water. Wait until the cocktail syrup boils over high heat, then remove from the heat. Stir until translucent and let cool. Pour rum, mint and strawberries into a large cocktail glass. Mash the strawberries with the back of a wooden spoon until they are finely crumbled. Add the lemon juice and the syrup you prepared and mix well. Fill the glass with ice and add the soda. Finally, you can use strawberries and mint for serving. Enjoy your meal.

5. Orange Mojito

Ingredients we need: fresh mint leaves, 2 teaspoons of sugar, orange juice, juice of half a lime, 30 ml of rum, mineral water and orange slices for serving. First, crush the fresh mint leaves that you take into a large cocktail glass with the back of a wooden spoon. Continue mashing with a small amount of sugar and fill the glass completely with ice. Add orange juice, rum, lemon juice and mineral water, stirring constantly. Finally, you can serve with fresh mint leaves and orange slices. Your Orange Mojito is ready to be sipped with pleasure. Enjoy your meal.

6. Watermelon Mojito recipe

mojito recipe

Ingredients we need for the recipe: slices of watermelon, fresh mint leaves (prefer without skin), 30 ml of rum and soda. For the cocktail syrup: sugar and water. For syrup, add a glass of sugar to a glass of water. Let it boil over high heat and remove the syrup from the heat. Stir until the syrup becomes transparent and then let it cool. Puree the watermelon slices that you have separated from the seeds with the help of a blender. Crush the fresh mint leaves in a cocktail glass with the back of a wooden spoon. Fill the cocktail glass to the brim with ice. Add the mashed watermelon slices, rum, soda and the syrup you have prepared and mix. You can serve a cocktail of watermelon slices and fresh mints.

7. Kentucky Mojito Recipe

mojito recipe

Ingredients we need: half a shot of Bourbon Whiskey (approximately 2 cl), lime juice, 1 tablespoon of Agave syrup, fresh mint, soda, sugar and ice. First, we wet the tops of the glass and dip them in granulated sugar. Then add the Agave syrup and fresh mint leaves to the glass. These are the things that should be at the bottom of the glass. Add some ice cubes and mix until the fresh mint is well crushed. Then, using the whole of 1 lime, squeeze the juice and mix it in the shaker with the bourbon. If you don’t have a shaker at home, a small jar will do the trick. Add the thoroughly shaken mixture to the cocktail glass and top it off by pouring as much soda as you wish. Serve garnished with fresh mint leaves.

8. Cucumber Mojito Recipe

mojito recipe

Ingredients we need for the recipe: 1 lime, fresh mint, 1 tablespoon of sugar, half a cucumber, white rum soda and ice cubes. The first step is to puree the cucumber. We can do this with the help of a blender. Then we squeeze the juice of half of the lime and prepare the other half in thin slices. After preparing these ingredients, we first add lemon slices, fresh mint leaves and sugar into our cocktail glass and mix them. Then we add our cucumber puree together with the lime juice we squeezed and continue mixing again. Finally, we complete our Mojito recipe by adding ice, white rum and soda. Enjoy your meal.

9. Vodka Mojito recipe

mojito recipe

We complete our mojito recipe list with Vodka Mojito. Making a Vodka Mojito at home is quite an easy process. Moreover, you will not need to use a shaker or strainer to make cocktails. First we will need a high glass. Add mint leaves, lime juice and classic syrup to glass. Mix the basic ingredients slowly but continuously. Add peppermint oil and lemon juice. Then fill your glass completely with ice. Pour the vodka into your glass and stir a little without adding soda to your drink. Your Mojito flavored with lemon slices and fresh mint leaves is ready to be sipped. Enjoy your meal.

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