Cosmetic tips to enlarge and highlight the beauty of small eyes

All women want to show the beauty of their eyes, as it is one of the features of beauty in women, and for this you must determine the size of your eyes first.

In this article, I present to you a wonderful collection of cosmetic tips and steps to expand and highlight the beauty of your small eyes.

>- Using an eye concealer:

It is placed under the eyes in the folds of the skin and on both sides of the nose, and it is useful for those who have dark circles under their eyes. A small swab of it is placed in a slightly lighter shade than the natural skin color. A foundation cream can also be used for the area around the eyes to cover the rest of the imperfections.

– Using eyeliner :

A very thin line is drawn below the eyelashes line, then another line is drawn above the upper eyelashes line. It is recommended that the eyelashes line be as thin as possible so that it appears as part of the lower eyelashes and defines the eyes better.

In order for the appearance to be more simple and natural, it is recommended to use shades of brown color instead of black, with the use of a white eyeliner for the inner eyelid, and this would make the eyes appear larger than their real size, and a line is drawn inside the edge of the eyelashes from the top and bottom.

 Using eye shadow:

a color that matches the nature of the skin is used by sweeping the brush gently on the upper eyelid and covering it completely so that the shape appears natural, with the use of white shadows on the sides of the eyes and below the eyebrows so that the eyes appear larger than their true size.

 Using mascara:

An excellent type is chosen so that the eyelashes do not stick and they are clean, and that is done by starting from the roots and then moving towards the top gently. For those who do not prefer mascara, transparent mascara can be used, which will define and lengthen the eyelashes.

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