Corona injuries around the world exceed the 11 million


As of Friday noon, the number of people infected with Coronavirus in the world exceeded the threshold of 11 million.

The total number of infections worldwide reached 11 million 5 thousand and 961 cases, according to the data of the “Worldometer” website, which monitors virus statistics.

And the United States ranked first in terms of injuries, with two million and 837 thousand and 189 people

The United States followed each of Brazil with one million and 501 thousand and 353 injuries, Russia with 667 thousand and 883, India 627 thousand and 168, then Spain with 297 thousand and 183. .

And it came sixth, Peru with 292 thousand and 4 injuries, then Chile with 284 thousand and 541, Britain 283 thousand and 757, Italy 240 thousand and 961, Mexico 238 thousand and 511, Iran with 232 thousand and 836 and Pakistan with 221 thousand and 896.

While the number of injuries in Turkey reached 202,284 injuries.

According to the data of the same site, global deaths of Corona have exceeded 524 thousand, and recovery cases exceeded 6 million and 166 thousand.

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