Cooking healthy in 5 easy steps

Are you looking for delicious recipes that are easily prepared and at the same time healthy? In most cases, not everything that is healthy is delicious, but today we will change this misconception and we will introduce you from to 5 steps that you follow to prepare delicious and healthy dishes at the same time!


1- Make creamy dishes without the cream!

All you have to do is replace the cream with a mixture of low-fat milk and flour, as cream often contains heavy ingredients. It is true that it is delicious, but when you mix milk and flour, you get the same delicious texture and taste. Follow this trick and make your own fettuccine with light alfredo sauce.

2- Reduce the amount of oil

There is no doubt that olive oil is good for health, but this is not a reason to use it frequently. It contains a large number of calories. Use it in moderation and try our brown rice tray with healthy bechamel.

3- Get crunchy food without frying

Yes, you can get crunchy recipes without frying, just try the oven! For example, you can prepare a light falafel recipe or chicken thighs for dieting.

4- Reduce the amount of salt

International health organizations encourage reducing the amount of salt in cooking as much as possible, up to a teaspoon per day! For example, you can use a small amount of it and replace the flavor with acidic ingredients such as tomatoes or lemon juice. A smart trick to prepare lentil soup with lite acid.

5- Use whole wheat flour for your baked goods

The difference between the flavor of whole wheat flour and the flavor of regular flour is simple, but the difference between the nutrients that each type contains is huge! Whole wheat flour is rich in fiber, magnesium and vitamins. Try it to prepare a low-fat banana cake.

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