Common cosmetic mistakes.. know the right way

We buy many cosmetic and personal care products, and it ends without seeing any effect or benefit, and in many cases this is not related to the effectiveness of the product, but rather the correct way to use it.


Here are many cosmetic products that we do not use properly, and this is the best way to use them:


Sun cream


We are all keen on acquiring sunscreen products or known as “Sun Blocks”; In order to protect the skin from the sun’s rays and its damages, but these products are not used properly, a very large percentage apply only 25-50% of the amount required to be applied to protect the skin, and the cream must be applied a quarter of an hour before going out, and it is renewed every two hours if You were constantly in the sun.




Retinol is very popular among women; Because it prevents the effects of aging, and reduces the effects of flaking and redness that affect the skin, but it is not recommended to use retinol during the day; Because it interacts with sunlight and causes skin pigmentation; Therefore, experts prefer to limit the use of retinol to the autumn and winter periods; To avoid harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.




Putting eye cream on the eyelids


Eye cream should not be applied to the eyelids and eyes; Because eye creams are intended to nourish the area around the eye, not the eyelids and the eye itself, and when using the cream around the eye area, do so using the ring finger; Because it will put gentle and soft pressure on this area, especially for those with sensitive skin.


Apply oils to dry skin


Apply the oil to wet skin, not dry skin. In order to avoid its annoying oily layer, water helps the oil to penetrate into the layers of the skin and moisturize it effectively.




Many of us use antiperspirants randomly, and many think that it is correct to apply them at any time of the day, and this is completely wrong; Because the appropriate time to apply antiperspirants is just before bedtime at a time when the sweat ducts are less active.


face brush


The facial brush removes dirt and dead skin from the skin, but some believe that using the brush vigorously and rubbing the skin with it will achieve a more effective result, and this is wrong and damages the skin and breaks capillaries.

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