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Cold Brew


Cold-brew, which means ‘cold brew’, is one of the delicious coffees served with ice. Thick coffee beans are soaked in cold water. This process can sometimes take 12, sometimes 20 hours. After pouring the resulting coffee into glasses, it is enriched with ice. Consisting of only 4 ingredients, cold brew is frequently preferred, especially in summer. If the ingredients are ready, we can move on to the details for the cold brew recipe.

Ingredients for Cold Brew Recipe

120 g of coffee (ground to the appropriate thickness)

1 liter of cold water

For service:

1 glass of water Milk

4 small ice cubes

How to Make Cold Brew

Transfer the freshly ground coffee beans to a bottle or jug.

Add cold drinking water to the coffee beans and mix well.

Leave it like this for about 12 hours so that the coffee beans absorb the water.

After 12 hours, strain the coffee you have kept in a glass container with a wire strainer.

Place a filter paper on the mouth of the jug where you will store the coffee.

Strain the coffee mixture once more to avoid lumps.

Fill the glasses with ice cubes and add the coffee.

Serve with cold milk if desired. Bon Appetit.

What are the Tips for the Cold Brew Recipe?

When making cold brews, the waiting time can be up to 15 hours.

The quality of the water significantly affects the taste of the coffee. Therefore, be careful to use drinking water.

Do not use too much ice while serving. This can reduce the aroma of the coffee.

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