Coffee is an analgesic aimed at treating headaches

A medical study has found that taking the analgesic drug Paracetemol with a cup of coffee effectively helps relieve the pain of headache attacks that many people suffer from. A study conducted a comparison between the effectiveness of combining the analgesic drug and caffeine compared to taking the famous analgesic “Ibuprofen” alone to treat headaches and tension. About 300 people participated in the study conducted by the “Parexel” research organization, which is a clinical research organization in the United States. A group of study participants were given capsules containing 500 milligrams of the analgesic drug paracetamol along with 65 milligrams of caffeine, an amount equivalent to a medium cup of coffee, as a small amount of caffeine is a stimulant to enhance the effectiveness of the analgesic. The researchers found that combining the analgesic paracetamol with about 100 milligrams of caffeine effectively contributed to alleviating about 10% of headache attacks. The researchers tracked about 712 people aged 78 years, and found that those who exercised, whether individually or collectively, suffered the least from headache attacks.

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