Coconut Oil Against Tooth Sensitivity  

Coconut Oil Against Tooth Sensitivity






1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil


Preparation and application:


Take the specified amount of coconut oil into your mouth and gargle for 2-3 minutes.


Make sure that the coconut oil touches everywhere in the oral cavity, including between the teeth.


Spit after gargling.


Gargle again with plenty of warm water and spit.


Brush your teeth lightly after mouthwash. (The inside of the mouth becomes even more sensitive as it is purified from toxins. It is recommended to brush lightly.)




Apply this method, which destroys bacteria in the mouth, every morning as long as possible. Regular use is very important.


With its antibacterial properties, coconut oil is very important for oral care for those who have tooth sensitivity. It has been shown to kill bacteria in those who suffer from gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breath, as well as tooth sensitivity. In addition, coconut oil prevents the formation of plaque on the teeth. It is the simplest and most natural recipe for bright, white teeth.


Do not swallow coconut oil. The oil will bring the pathogens in the mouth together with the help of saliva. If swallowed, bacteria or viruses that come together go into your stomach. Be careful about this.


Coconut oil is solid at room temperature. For this reason, you can melt it in a bain-marie and use it while gargling. It is a very thin oil. It can also melt on its own in hot weather.

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