Cocoa and yogurt cream is a treasure for fresh and clear skin

Cocoa and yogurt cream is a divine treasure, for a wonderful cleansing of the skin. It also works to lighten the skin, unify the color, and get rid of dry skin, giving you softness and freshness. That is why we called this wonderful cream a divine treasure, for its immediate and gentle results on the skin. This cream is also considered safe on the skin. Sensitive, because its ingredients are all easy and simple, and nourish the skin in a wonderful way, as it is one of the best creams that moisturize the skin, and through this publication from the Thaqafni website, we present to you today the method of cocoa and yogurt cream.

Ingredients for making cocoa and yogurt cream

We will get to know the ingredients of this cream, with simple ingredients, available in every home. Let’s get to know them:

2 tablespoons of bitter raw cocoa
1 tablespoon of starch
2 tablespoons of yogurt.
1 teaspoon of olive oil.
1 teaspoon of white honey
1 teaspoon of powdered milk.
Ingredients for making cocoa and yogurt cream
How to prepare the cream

We now have a way to prepare the cream in an easy and very simple way, which is as follows:

We prepare a small dish, put the starch with bitter cocoa in it, and stir well. Then add a spoonful of dried milk to the ingredients, and stir well until they are mixed. Then we put the yogurt and olive oil, and mix them well until we get a soft creamy texture. Then we put a spoonful of honey, And we stir well until the mixture is completely mixed. The cream is kept in a tightly closed box, and we keep it in the refrigerator until use. Method of use Cocoa and yogurt cream

Here is the method of applying the cream to the skin, in simple, easy and beneficial steps for you, as follows:

Wash the skin well with warm water with lotion, and gently massage the skin. Dry the skin well from excess water, until it becomes completely dry. After that, we apply the cream, and it is distributed in light circular motions over the entire skin. Then we leave the cream on the skin for twenty minutes, until the cream dries Completely. After that, we rub the cream well on the skin, with light circular motions. Then we wash the face well with warm water, then with cold water to close the pores completely. After that, the skin is dried, and we put a little rose water on it with a massage, until the skin absorbs it

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